Tuesday, November 20, 2007

#23 Summarize Your Thoughts About This Program...

When the program first started and I tried it and dropped out. It was a combo of a lot of things - mainly I had a heavy workload at the time and simply could not find the time to do it. People in the office who had the time started early and started talking about it which was really annoying. And when I did start I did it as expected, one week at a time. Bad idea. I could not remember from one week to the next what I had covered. When I got to flickr and found a picture I thought would make great wallpaper guess what. It wiped out the wallpaper I had (and did not remember where I had got it) and the flickr picture wouldn't show. I have tried to copy recipes from sites and have gotten a message about it being cpyrighted. Was there a message on flickr to say oops, can't do that. NO! Then I wasted time trying other pictures - apparently they are all copyrighted. Then I spent time on google finding new wallpaper. After days had passed and I was ready to do the 23 things again I could not remember how to get to my blog or my username and password. Of course I dropped out.
In future fewer things to learn with lots of repetition. Even though I've done all 23 in a week I can't really remember many things. Plus while doing it my excel sheet with all my usernames and passwords got lost.
And you should start with the fun things like Online Image Generator.
That's all - glad I'm done! PS The post time is in California time not Maryland time.

#22 Learn about Audiobooks

Overdrive is too complicated for me. I wouldn't know which kind of download to do but I did see titles I would be willing to read - I would rather have the book. Amazon did start selling its electronic reader Kindle and they have a very nice presentation on their website. That looked very user friendly with downloading being done like a cell phone (wireless) and could be done anywhere you are. I could see reading newspapers this way and perhaps books when traveling. But you still have to shell out $400 and then pay for each book you want! Maybe if I were richer.
I did download a Gutenberg picture book to see what it looked like. Not a picture book when the pictures aren't there!
The only thing I could really see me using downloaded books would be for reference - cookbooks, dictionary etc.

Friday, November 16, 2007

#21 Discover Some Useful Tools for Locating Podcasts

The ninja podcast was extremely stupid. Wasn't there anything better that could have been used? I'm not getting the difference - what is regular streaming. I went to the three discovery resources listed but was unable to get a podcast to play. Well, at podcastalley.com which I went to first 'cause I like the name I didn't try to play any because there wasn't a content description that I could find. But since podcasts have been used on many of the MD 23 things I feel I already understand it.
For library training of staff it would be good as long as its not blurry. It would be a good way to train staff in their available time and being able to watch repeatedly until you picked up whatever new skill is a benefit. Also saves on gas and travel time.

#20 Discover YouTube...

I looked at 1970s TVC commercials. I don't remember the levi ad - the one I remember wasn't on the first two pages. Then I searched for Dr Pepper TV commercial. There were alot of listings and it appeared (I didn't watch to make sure) that many were jokey ones that people had created. Some did say spoof but others weren't clear. A real one which came up first was very blurry.
My question would be if anyone takes a video of you and posts it on YouTube what is your ability to have it removed. Is there some kind of authorization that has to be obtained from you? There should be. I think its a scary new world.
The other problem would be viewing something that is unacceptable to you. How do you filter so things like that don't appear? I don't want trash in my head.

#19 Discover any Site from the Web 2.0 Awards List

So two great things - 1) knowing there is an awards list which makes it easier to locate sites that are useful. I thinks books that print websites and rates them would be extremely useful. No more keyword search with thousands of hits many of which are dups. and 2) I explored the Google maps and am hooked. I was able to print a map with all the roads clearly labeled - this is the kind of map book I've been searching for and can't find. No more using mapquest. An I love how you can shop for say pizza and have the locations come up and have them show you wheere on the map.

Learning 2.0 #18

Here is my first zoho document written for my Maryland libraries learning 2.0 #18.cool While I don't like smiley faces the one with the shades is cool.


I can insert a picture. Resizing was a little ackward.  There is no explanation of what anchor does.  But most everything else is understandable. What I love is that you are not tied to a computer to get your documents.  Things like this will make working from home more of a possibility.

#17 Add an Entry into the Sandbox Wiki...

Created a wiki page and added my URL. Logged out and back in and found my page in the search box. I don't know how to get it into the long list on the left side of the screen but they are not in alpha order so it might be there.